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Invest American Samoa

The Island of Opportunity

Welcome to the Island of Opportunity! American Samoa is open for business and welcomes foreign direct investment to drive economic development, economic diversification, and job creation. For more information, email us at


Life in American Samoa

Ecotourism in American Samoa

Business in American Samoa

Research in American Samoa




Governor Lemanu has initiated the development of the Innovation & Technology Campus to leverage the government's $150+ million investment into modernizing the territory's telecommunications infrastructure. With the fiber-to-the-premises project complete and the purchase of a spur to link American Samoa  (AS) to the Hawaiki Submarine cable, broadband resources are near unlimited. 



American Samoa remains the most untapped tourism destination in the South Pacific.  Its capitol, Pago Pago was once the center of South Pacific tourism, and the territory plans to revive the industry through Public-Private Partnerships. 

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American Samoa's most significant asset is its people. Investments in workforce development programs are a priority to meet the growing needs of American Samoa's emerging blue and green economies. 


Health Care

Telehealth and telemedicine applications have found a more open and accepting consumer base post-pandemic. The convenience, efficiency, access, and quality of healthcare services via telehealth & telemedicine applications will drive demand to new levels, requiring investments and innovation.



Sports Tourism

American Samoa is strategically located in the central South Pacific, making it ideal for regional athletic and sporting competitions.  Governor Lemanu has initiated the expansion and modernization of the Tafuna Sports Complex with the goal of becoming a leader in regional competition.



Opportunities for large-scale open ocean aquaculture projects continue to grow as technology advances. The worlds' food security depends on highly innovative approaches in food production, and American Samoa's large EEZ can be an ideal place for aquaculture R&D or commercial scale production.

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Renewable Energy

American Samoa plans to move to 100% renewable energy by 2040. With the outer islands of Manu'a near 100%, other projects are being pursued to support the efforts. The strategy includes wind energy, waste-to-energy, and other photovoltaic systems.


Light Manufacturing

Light manufacturing can include product fabrication, assembly, finishing, packaging, repair, and processing of materials.  American Samoa's duty-free entry program* affords local companies access to the US market with the "Made in the USA" label.

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Research & Development

American Samoa's coral reef and deep sea ecosystems provide excellent research & development opportunities and partnerships. 



With its central location in the region, well-developed shipping infrastructure, and direct access to the U.S. market, American Samoa is the ideal location to pursue opportunities in agribusiness.

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