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News Release: American Samoa 2020 Statistical Yearbook

The Department of Commerce (DOC) Statistics and Analysis Division released the 2020 Statistical Yearbook.

The yearbook is the thirty-eighth edition of this publication, which provides statJ.stJ.cs and trends of demographic, social, and economic characteristics of the Territory from censuses, surveys, and administrative records. I hope these data series on population, health, education, law enforcement, climate, land use, migration, trade, government finances, prices, employment, agriculture, utilities, and national accounts, promote and perpetuate interest in the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing of the people of American Samoa.

The collection and analysis of raw data summarized in the Statistical Yearbook would be impossible without the cooperation of many local and federal government agencies, private businesses, and individuals. The DOC wishes to express our profound appreciation to those who contributed to this edition. I look forward to any valuable input submitted for improving the quality and contents of the yearbook.

I hope this publication is helpful and informative for good governance, sound decision-making, and evidence-based planning.

The 2020 Statistical Yearbook will be available electronically on the American Samoa Department of Commerce website: http// Alternatively, those who wish to request a copy may call the Statistics and Analysis Division at 633-0120 or email at

Approved by: Director Petti Matila

Press Release for 2020 Statistical Yearbook
Download PDF • 229KB

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